Writing the Perfect Wedding Vows

Vow writing can be one of the most challenging “to do’s” when planning your wedding, but have no fear as we have done the research and come up with some easy suggestions for writing the perfect vows.

Photograph via Pinterest

Making the choice to write your own vows officially makes you a writer so it’s time to take your role seriously. Like a professional writer, you’ll need to research, set deadlines, force yourself to sit down to write and most importantly, be confident. After all, you can do this!

Research is always the first step when you are not sure of what to say. Look to your favorite movies and love songs for inspiration. Do you both love a certain song? Use those lyrics as a guide for your vows.

If you still have not found your inspiration go back to the basics. It may seem obvious but ask yourself some questions about what makes your relationship so special. Here are a few examples:

  • What made you fall in love?
  • When did you know he/she was the one?
  • How did you feel on your first date?
  • What does getting married mean to you?
  • What dreams do you have for the future?

Next, let yourself go! Write whatever comes into your head without hesitation. Save any judgments and edits for another time. Who knows, you may discover things or remember wonderful details about your relationship that you had forgotten.

Now that you have your general ideas down on paper, it is time to perfect them! Cut out parts that do not seem to fit, rearrange and rework your thoughts so that they flow effortlessly from one to another. It may seem like common sense but always keep in mind that you will be speaking these vows. Sometimes the way we write does not always match with how we speak. You want your vows to sound natural and easy so that with a lot of practice you will wow your guests with your personal and one-of-a-kind vows!

Ultimately, it is about speaking from the heart and we have no doubt Mr. or Mrs. To be will b touched by your sincerity.

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