You’re married – so now what? Next steps part 1

As a premier event venue in Savannah, GA we have a number of newlyweds come through our site and once the party is over they are immediately looking to what’s next.

“I need to officially change my name on everything!”
“Don’t I have to claim married on the tax forms?”
“What do I do with all the ceremony stuff that we don’t need?”

You’re not alone if these questions send your neck hair standing on end.  We hear comments on them a lot.

Whatever you decide to do with your name – even if you keep your own – there are a number of documents that will need to change in order to add your significant other for permissions, adding accounts or cards, combining policies, etc.

We often recommend a website for The Name Change Kit although it costs a little bit of money (less than $30) it can save you a world of time.  If you’re more in to DIY-ing it, gives a good list of things to remember when changing your name as well.

Be sure to change your tax status at work.  Believe it or not – marital status will change the way you need to file your taxes. Kiplinger recommends filing jointly in most situations, but it’s not true in every case.

Take your license into your human resources department and have your relationship status changed for your tax withholdings or come tax time in April, you’re going to owe some money!  If you do your own taxes, be sure to visit your tax preparer so he/she can make the adjustments prior to the next filing cycle.

As for items from the wedding – there are a number of places that can assist you there as well.  Bridal gowns can be resold on a number of websites:

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses
The Knot

A number of these sites will take other wedding accessories as well – items such as veils, jewelry, purses, tiaras, sashes, and more can be found as gently used items and for incredibly affordable prices.

Check us out next week when we’ll discuss sending thank you cards, handling registry returns, and how to decide what policies/accounts/etc. are most beneficial to have jointly.

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