Your Pre-Wedding Events Guide

Congratulations! You and your fiancé are officially on your way to your happily ever after. And while your big day may seem like the only important event for you, your friends and family are eager to share in the wedding festivities by hosting you showers, luncheons, parties, and more. To help you prepare for the most exciting and busiest chapter of your life, here is your pre-wedding events guide.

Engagement Party

Engagement parties are most likely the first event you’ll attend after your proposal and can be hosted by family or friends – or both! It’s not uncommon to have more than one engagement party, especially if you have various groups of loved ones in different cities. Unlike wedding showers, engagement parties do not require guests to bring gifts for the couple but don’t be surprised if you receive a few. An engagement party was the first thing that we thought of when we were thinking about a pre-wedding event guide. Like all parties related to your wedding, it is important to be mindful to only include guests who will also be invited to your wedding.

Wedding Shower

Originally referred to as a bridal shower, wedding showers are parties that honor the couple with fun games, food, and gifts. This can be in the form of a couple’s shower where both the bride and groom are present, bridal showers which are typically all-female, stock the bar where guests provide alcohol and barware for the happy couple, and more, and are often reserved for the latter half of your engagement. Since wedding shower hosts are customarily close friends of the bride or groom or their families, it is acceptable for the couple to have more than one shower. Guest lists for showers can vary depending on who is hosting but usually always include your wedding party. The best rule of thumb to follow is only to invite your close friends and family and refrain from inviting them to more than one to two showers since this pre-wedding event is associated with purchasing registry items and gifts.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party

The most commonly known of all pre-wedding events, the bachelor/bachelorette party is a fun way for the bride/groom to celebrate with bridesmaids/groomsmen. Today, we see brides/grooms enjoying this trip a few weeks before the big day. While some parties are still treated as a “last hoorah” before the couple tied the knot, the goal of this event is to celebrate however the bride/groom prefers – a relaxing staycation, a destination trip, a weekend visit to a favorite city, etc. There are several thoughts on who is responsible for covering expenses for this trip and what the party entails, so the best way to avoid any surprises is to make sure everyone attending is on the same page on budget and activities.

Bridal Brunch/Bridesmaids Luncheon

Your bridal brunch also referred to as a bridesmaids luncheon, is typically hosted a few days before your wedding. This event is your opportunity to thank the women in your life who have helped you throughout the wedding planning process by hosting the event or providing memorable gifts. Mothers, in-laws, or other female relatives can also host/co-host this event for you. If you have a host/co-host, it’s customary to allow them to invite a few friends who are also attending your wedding to join this morning/early afternoon meal.

Rehearsal Dinner

There are just a few more events left before the big day! The rehearsal dinner is a gathering that allows your wedding party and families to get acquainted with each other. This is usually the largest event in the pre-wedding period and can require substantial planning from the location, timing, host, invitation list, and décor. While all pre-wedding events are optional and not required, having an organized and planned rehearsal dinner can be so beneficial – and fun!

Welcome Party

Last, but not least, the welcome party is the final event to attend before your wedding. Welcome parties, much like rehearsal dinners, serve as a pre-wedding opportunity for your friends and family traveling from out of town to get to mingle with each other. Wedding parties typically follow the rehearsal dinner and can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. This event is open to all your wedding guests but does not require their attendance.

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