“You’re Engaged, Now What?” Advice from The Mackey House Experts – Part 1

In the wedding world, January doesn’t just start a new year; it is the beginning of a very special time for many brides and grooms: Engagement Season. We know that many of you are taking the first steps in your planning and may be in need of a bit of guidance and some well-intentioned advice. Our wedding experts have been down this road more than once and have some great ideas to share with you as you begin to make decisions about your Big Day.

Photos courtesy of Life Stories Photography

First, allow yourselves some time to dream. Soon enough you will deal with the realities of evaluating your finances, choosing who to include in your bridal party and on your guest list, and balancing the needs and desires of all of your decision makers. However, your wedding is fundamentally about you – two people who love each other enough to set out on a new adventure and new lives. What will your wedding say about your couple personality? How will you share your story? What do you want to remember most? Take a few moments now and dream.

Next, you’ll want to set some priorities. One of the easiest ways to do this is to brainstorm a big list of all of the things you might want to include in your wedding. Don’t leave anything out! Some questions you’ll want to address could include:

– What does your perfect venue look like and what time of year do you plan to celebrate?

– How will you personalize your day? Have you always envisioned a bluegrass band playing you down the aisle, or ending your evening with a glittering sparkler departure?

– Do you want to include children in your celebration or have you dreamed of an all-adult affair?

– How does gourmet food compare to stunning centerpieces to you?


Have each major decision maker create a priority list of his or her own, then compare the results. When you are done with this process you should have one master list of your Unique Wedding Priorities. With that list in hand, you are ready to tackle the next step: Creating Your Budget.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll guide you through the first steps of budget engineering, creating a draft guest list, choosing your bridal party and making one of the single-most important decisions you’ll face: selecting your venue. Spend the next week dreaming big, and prioritizing carefully and we’ll see you back here for more “You’re Engaged, Now What?” advice!

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