“You’re Engaged, Now What?” Expert Advice from The Mackey House, Part 2

In part 1 of our series, we encouraged you to dream big and set priorities with all of your decision makers in preparation for your perfect day. The next steps may seem a little bit intimidating, but they are important if you are going to have a solid framework from which to operate and make the best choices as you plan.

Budget discussions are not always the most entertaining, but they are necessary. It is impossible to properly compare the value of different professionals and products if you don’t have a solid idea of what you are able to invest in creating your celebration. Consider all of your possible sources of income, and have a frank discussion with parents and other family members on whom you plan to rely for funding. How will the money be disbursed to vendors, through you or via direct payments by the contributing party? When will money be available, and how involved do your “patrons” plan to be in the decision making process? What are your own financial considerations and priorities? A huge, premium wedding is grand, but what other financial goals do you have as a couple?

Until you’ve determined how much you plan to spend, your discussions with wedding professionals are really only preliminary in nature. The best ones book early, so you want to have your dollar issues worked out sooner rather than later.

Next, before you can finalize your venue choice, you’ll need an idea of how many guests you anticipate inviting, and how many are likely to attend. If your heart is set on an intimate chapel setting, you may need to sacrifice some invitations to pare your party down to an appropriate size. Again, include any important decision makers in this discussion as parents and future in-laws are often full of surprise requests when it comes to a wedding guest list.

Now that you know “who” and “how much”, you’ll want to tackle the single most important decision that a couple faces during their first days as planners: how to choose a venue. So many considerations will contribute to the decision, but here are some of the ones to start with:

– Where do you plan to get married? Near home? A destination?

– How many guests do you need to accommodate?

– What time of year will you wed? Will the weather require a certain type of facility? Do you need an indoor ceremony space? A climate controlled reception area?

– How does your venue contribute to your vision? Is your theme rustic or glamorous? Can you use your space to capture the atmosphere you desire?

– Is your venue all-inclusive, or are you expected to contract your own vendors? Is there a professional on-site to help you make important decisions?

Once you have a good grasp on what you are looking for, make appointments to view your contenders in person. Take a tour, meet the staff and decide if you are visiting where you want to spend one of the biggest moments of your life.

If you are considering spending that day at The Mackey House, we encourage you to contact us today!

Photos courtesy of Chris Isham Photography

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