Frequently Asked Questions

How many tables will fit on the deck?

16 with the dance floor in use, 19 with the dance floor not in use, and 22 if there is no bar or dance floor in use.

What size are the tables and how many do they seat?

The tables are 60″ round. Ten people can sit at a table if hors d’oeuvres or a buffet is served for dinner. Eight people can sit at a table if a plated dinner is served.

Who will cut the cake?

If a Mackey House caterer is used, The Mackey House will cut the cake. If an outside caterer is used, then that caterer will be responsible for cutting of the cake.

What are the standard Mackey House decorations that are included in the venue fee?

The standard Mackey House decorations included in the venue fee are wedding arbor, wrought iron garden furniture, landscape twinkle lighting, and large tropical ferns and palms.

Can we bring our own decorations?


Is there someone at The Mackey House who can help us put our decorations up?

If the decorations are table ready and can be put-up in under 30 minutes of work time, The Mackey House will put the decorations up. If more time is needed we will need to bring in staff members. The fee is $200.That fee also includes breaking down and packing up your decorations at the end of the event.

Can we bring items to the wedding rehearsal if our wedding is the following day?

Items can be brought to the rehearsal for a wedding the following day IF there is not an event that day. Please call or email us in advance if items will need to be left at The Mackey House the day of rehearsal so we can accommodate you, IF possible.

Can we pick up decorations and personal items the day after the wedding?


Who directs the Wedding?

If hired through The Mackey House, the house director. A day of wedding director and day of coordinator is not included unless contracted with The Mackey House.

Do you have any large oak trees or an oak grove that we can get married under?

Yes. We have 6 beautiful oak trees grouped together and they range from 150-300 years old. They match the beauty of the historic district oaks in Savannah. Our privacy  is what sets us apart.

My Parents/Family would like to see the House. Can we drop by or do we need to make an appointment for them to “look around”?

Yes, but, an appointment is necessary.

Can cars be left in the Mackey House parking lot overnight?

Yes, cars may be left in the parking area and must be picked up the following day by noon.

How does one gain a marriage license in the state of Georgia?

  • Both the bride and groom must be 18 years old without parental consent and must show a valid driver’s license. To apply, the bride and groom must both be present. Some counties require a bride or groom to provide a divorce decree or death certificate if the bride or groom was previously married. There is no waiting period to get a marriage license in the state of Georgia. If the bride and groom are nonresidents, they must get their license in the county they are getting married in. One can contact a probate court Monday-Friday to receive more information. Counties have different prices for a marriage license. Some counties even offer a discount if a premarital counseling certificate is submitted. Be certain to call the county in which you are getting married in to obtain more information.
  • Call (912)652-7267 to receive more information for obtaining a marriage license in Chatham County, Savannah. This is the county the Mackey House is located

What method of payments can be used at The Mackey House?

  • Checks are the best form of payment. Please write the brides last name, wedding date, and what the check is for in the memo line.
  • Credit cards are accepted with an additional 3% convince fee upcharge.

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