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Fall Wedding Themes You Should Totally Consider

Fall Wedding Themes

If you want your wedding to look really splendid, it is very important to choose a wedding theme that will actually suit you and your personality. Of course, you can coordinate this with season-based wedding themes as well – and doing this will help you...

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Wedding Candy Bar Tips You NEED to Know

Wedding Candy Bar Tips

Wedding dessert bars are immensely popular right now – so much so that most people cannot even imagine a wedding without a candy table at least. Naturally, you want to include this huge trend in your wedding too – but how do you make it...

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When Is It Appropriate to Send the Wedding Gift?

when to send the wedding gift

If you have been invited to a wedding soon, you definitely want to make the couple feel really happy. This is a big moment in their life – and the fact that they have invited you to be there for them should mean a lot...

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Millennial Guests Don’t Care about These Details

If you are a bride-to-be, you most likely feel there’s a lot of pressure on doing things right. Yet, if you are getting married soon, there’s a very big chance you (and most of your guests) are part of the Millennial generation – meaning that...

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How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Updo

Truth be told, there seems to be an almost endless number of options when it comes to bridal hairstyles – so how do you choose the perfect bridal updo, especially given the myriad of versions out there? We have gathered some of the trendiest and most...

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Adorable Hairstyles for a Flower Girl

Flower girls are such innocent, beautiful additions to any kind of wedding! Of course, it is not mandatory to include a flower girl or a ring bearer into your Big Day – but trust us when we say that there’s little chance you will ever...

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Ideas for a Handsome Groom’s Colored Suit

People tend to think the only colors grooms are allowed to wear are white, black, gray, and navy. However, this is very far from the truth. In fact, there are plenty of amazing ideas for a handsome groom’s colored suit – and following, we have...

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Why Overlays Are A Gorgeous Choice for a Bride’s Big Day

Wedding trends may come and go – and we will never advise anyone to settle on something just because it’s fashionable. Yet, some wedding trends are so irresistible and timeless that we simply cannot help ourselves from sharing them with our future brides. - For...

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THESE Are the Truly Amazing Moments of a Wedding!

You think you have everything planned. You know where each flower stem will be positioned, and you might even know how many inches of frosting will go into your wedding cake. What you don’t know is that the most unforgettable moments of the Big Day are...

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