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5 Tips on Hosting Your In-Laws at Your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be exhilarating and overwhelming regardless of how close to home you may be. When you add all the “long-distance planning” issues to the fact that you will have to host your in-laws (and make sure everything is perfect), it is perfectly understandable why you may be a bit stressed out. Here are some of the best tips on hosting your in-laws at your destination wedding:

– In case your venue cannot offer you at least a few rooms for the wedding weekend, make sure to pick a nice hotel that’s neither too far from the venue, nor too close. You want your in-laws to feel truly comfortable while there, so remember to check with reviews and ask for your friends’ opinions if they have already visited that particular location.

– You don’t have to spend all of your time with your in-laws. They most likely understand you are already very busy with the upcoming wedding. Do spend some alone time with them and be nice to them – but don’t feel that you have to be there 24/7.

– Don’t make any last minute changes for the sake of your in-laws. They surely have the best intentions at heart, but don’t be afraid to explain to them that this is your Big Day.

– Invite all of your in-laws at the rehearsal dinner, even if they are not included in the wedding as attendants. This will help them get to know your family and friends and it will most likely help break the ice before the wedding.

– Enjoy their presence. They are part of your future family and they are happy for your union. Enjoy their presence and be happy they could be there for you and your future  spouse!

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Photo source: Dreamweaver Photos