beautiful gold table setting for a wedding reception

What to Put on Your Wedding Tables Beyond Decorations

Naturally, when we think of setting up the wedding tables, we think of a theme and decorations. This is certainly important to most brides as they feel it helps carry the tone and theme of the wedding itself through to the reception. However, there is more to a wedding table than this. You will need to consider much more so that your guests will be well cared for and enjoy the reception event.


This will be the utensils your guests will need to be able to eat their meal. What you will need will depend on what you serve, as well as the style of the meal. If it is a rather formal meal, it may require multiple flatware sets for the various courses. Keep in mind, Servingware is different. This is used to serve the food either from the buffet or by the wait staff.

Glass and Stemware

Glassware comprises all the glasses used for drinking, such as water tumblers, glasses used for soft drinks or iced tea. Stemware is the finer glassware used for wine, as well as the champagne flutes. Bare in mind, while it is acceptable to serve water in stemware, you should never serve wine and champagne in glassware.


This is all the plates, sideplates, bowls, saucers, cups and such that will be placed on the table. Once again, what you need will depend on your menu. The type of tableware you use will reflect the type of wedding you have. For a more casual theme, simple white tableware is a good choice. If your theme is very casual, perhaps consider colored tableware for a fun touch. For formal weddings, there are many options, with various gold or silver trims.

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